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Thread Vein

Thread veins or spider veins are tiny blood vessels that are running close to the surface of the skin, making red or purple wiggly lines. Thread veins are not broken but rather just slightly dilated. The technical name for them is telangiectasia.

Thread veins normally develop as a person ages, this is because as we age our skin and blood vessels become more elastic and the valves that are located in our veins begin to weaken. As the valves weaken, blood flows back down the vein, like blood, like water and everything else always flows downhill which is why thread veins are most common in the legs.

The condition can often be caused by hormonal changes associated with menopause and pregnancy, during pregnancy the amount of blood in the body increases significantly, putting more pressure on the veins and the valves. Thread veins can also develop due to too much sun exposure, being overweight, wind exposure, extremes in temperature, some medications or a course of radiotherapy, Sometimes, thread veins just seem to run in families as well. Many people who have thread veins suffer no serious health problems; they should not affect circulation or cause long-term health issues. If thread veins become problematic or you just feel they are too unsightly, they can be treated in a variety of ways; these include undergoing a phlebectomy, endothermal ablation, compressive stockings, sclerotherapy and of course laser.



A smooth gel is applied to the area to be treated and then the IPL applicator is placed on the skin and a short pulses of light are released. The applicator is moved slightly and the whole of the affected area is treated.


Typically 3 to 5 treatments give the best possible results, although small red veins may be cleared in just one single session.


Mixed Modality increases the effectiveness of thread vein and spider vein treatment

It's less painful

One laser targets pigment whilst the other tightens skin in one go

The sequential delivery of both lasers improves the outcome

Low side effects

Causes Met-haemoglobin which allows for 3 x's more efficiency than just one laser


Aloe vera is recommended and the patient must use sunscreen or avoid any sun exposure on the treated area for 4 weeks following treatment. Perfumed products, baths, saunas should be avoided for 12 hours after.



Laser treatments are spaced up to 12 weeks apart. Your body needs time to repair the cells and then we can treat the same area again if more veins are produced or if the vein needs treating again.